Thursday, July 8, 2010

Class scrapbooking pages

3 pictures with 2 D center one

Different View

I'm taking another online class and we are taking different photos and then scrapbooking them.
Here's a picture from the first week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

This page was created as a result of being asked to make a transparency page. Both have to match so they don't show through, but I wanted them to be different, so I made one with bright colors and the other with soft colors.

Another sketch led me to this layout of some of my ancestors.

This was following a sketch. I used some pictures from my recent trip to Florida was this layout.

On this layout we were to use circles. I turned my circles into Christmas tree ball ornaments.
Then I used the picture of my "grand cat" who couldn't stay out of the Christmas tree before it was decorated. I think she was convinced that it was her newest toy!

This challenge was to use as much of our scrapbooking stash as possible on one page. This was difficult for me as I like minimal pages, with the focus more on the photo. I used chipboard letters, loads of buttons, flowers and brads, aluminum foil, patterned papers, cardstock, gems, and a stamped image, along with ribbon and more brads.
The picture was from a chocolate party I gave last summer.

Another sketch to follow allowed me to show just how fast my "grand dog" has gotten in just a few short months.
They've had the dog since he was VERY young, as his mother died when he was 2 weeks old.

This challenge was to show my neighborhood.
The geese are across the street from my house, but the other two photos are taken in back of my house. I discovered that the nicest places in my neightborhood are the boat landing and my yard. That was a really nice surprise. I hadn't thought about it until this assignment.

This was another sketch I was following and I used a picture of my older granddaughter after I painted her face for a Halloween party a few years ago.

This was done by following a given sketch. I didn't have three pictures I wanted to use so I "borrowed" my mother's chocolate Easter bunny and followed him as he had a few adventures.

This page was created when the challenge was to use things we hadn't used in class up to that date.
I embossed the lighthouse scene on black and used special paper, which I wet and then tore to matte the pelican picture.

This page was created by following a sketch. I stamped butterflies for a background and added them as 3-D as well. These are pictures of my younger granddaughter and show how fast she grew up! Where does the time go!

For this challenge I chose to use the picture of my granddaughter and her partner after they each had separate accidents within 1 week of each other.

This challenge was to use buttons. I turned mine into flowers.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Monday, April 5, 2010

Using Buttons

We were to use buttons in this layout. I chose to do a grid pattern.
The picture was from a kindergarten field trip to a farm.

We were to used up some stickers.

This is my beautiful grand niece. I used up some left over baby stickers and some vintage stickers. The beautiful butterfly I had for a long time and had only one.

Easter Bunny Layout

This was from an assigned sketch during an on line class. I wanted to add a little humor.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What an angel! My grand niece.

The prompt was to used up left over stickers. I used some from a baby collection, some from a vintage collection and the large purple on is just a single one I'd had for a long time.
I worried about this one, but somehow I think it works.

Wet kiss, slimy hand! Wow, what a field trip to a farm!

This LO was to use a grid. It's the first time I added "things" without a reason (the rectangles).
It surprised me that it looks balanced and good.

What fun, to me one again and dunk your head in your cake!
I followed a sketch page for this LO.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

With this prompt we had to use a page protector in a different way. I used a picture I took at a greenhouse, showing color combinations I enjoy.
I used pictures of seed packets from the Internet, real ones could replace these when I get them. I added a plant ribbon and a title tag to finish this layout.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Cardstock

This is from a prompt to use just cardstock. This photo makes me happy to look at as I just vacationed with these friends in Florida. We had good company, good food, and good weather.
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Using Just Cardstock

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This paper candy bar thank you card I saw on a computer video. Then, when I gave a chocolate party last year, I made them for my guests. I think this is a fun idea. You can use scraps and a little aluminum foil, a few brads and your done.

How cute is that!

So Much Fun With Scraps

I will add some of my favorite scrapbook pages and card ideas. Some I have created on my own, some I made in classes, while some I've copied from wonderful scrappers who share their ideas.

This first picture is a result of an on-line class with Shimelle. The prompt was to use metals. I made brad flowers and used spiral clips. I like this page because it was the first time I felt I could create an idea all on my own.

As you can see, I am a minimalist! Maybe these classes can help me branch out!